Peter Gross, LCSW

The Child & Family Counseling Group, PLC

Peter G. Gross, LCSW

In response to the coronavirus pandemic I am available for video and tele therapy. Please call 703-352-3822 ext. 1019 if you would like to set up an initial appointment. There is no fee for the initial appointment. I have flexibiltiy with my fee schedule.

    This site is designed to provide information regarding a variety                                                                            of concerns. Please feel free to browse these pages.                                                                                          The information is a combination of thoughts and ideas from                                                                              some of the leading clinicians in the field of mental health. I                                                                                 will also provide thoughts of my own that come from                                                                                           over thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist.Under                                                                                 general info you can read more about the services I provide                                                                               and my professional background. 


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